Rahul for PM?

What is Diggi Raja’s (the inventor of the nonsensical statement a day machine) most outrageous statement yet?

Tough ask, you crib eh! Common, to answer this one you do not need to have an IQ of 180. Yes, the author is aware that none of the readers (I hope there are some) possess that kind of intelligence and the man who does, yes the ‘intellectually arrogant’ one, presumably does not visit Centre Right India but the question is still answerable.

Okay let me help, no it’s not the RSS and Karkare one. It’s not the RSS behind the earth shatteringly dangerous and history defining shoe attack on Manish Tewari’s boss, Janardhan Dwivedi one. It is not the RSS is behind 9/11 one (actually to be fair I don’t think Diggi Raja ever said that but I guess that day is not too far) it is not even the Baba Ramdev is a thug one.  What is it than you ask?

It is this and this alone and I quote, “I think it is time that Rahul becomes the Prime Minister”

Rahul Gandhi recently turned forty one. The Congress party celebrated the day by christening it the Kisan Adhikar Divas (seriously, why did Dr.Swaminathan ever bother with the Green Revolution?). Anyways Rahul is a ‘youth icon’ (or at least NDTV says so). BTW Rahul has won the support of all the middle aged balding men in the country, including this author’s father who are extremely happy about Rahul re-defining the meaning of ‘youth’, he has saved them a mid-life crisis.

Back to Rahul, lets look at the current crop of world leaders; there is that man called Obama and than there is Merkel, Sarkozy , Cameron, Putin etc. etc. All of them have some qualities which have gotten them the top jobs in their respective countries. Does Rahul shine in comparison with anyone of them?

Too high a standard, you say? Okay fine, forget world standards, when has Indian politics ever been that? Besides we have had a Prime Minister by the name of H.D. Deve Gowda. Enough said.

Let’s than look at the desi lot: From the Rajya Sabha ,there is Brinda and Arun (should be unanimously declared the PM for life) and than there is the ‘whether you like them or not but unarguably competent’ category of leaders like Narendra the evil one, Nitish the loved by all one, Jaya the imperial one and Maya the self-made one. Does Rahul shine in comparison with any one of them?

But wait, you say. Rahul has something that no Obama or Modi can ever boast of, he has the Gandhi last name. The man was born in the right place at the right time and as we all know in India that is a very important and in this case, the only quality needed for success.

So Rahul has the right last name and with it the largest party in the country. So just who is this author or reader (I once again hope that there are some) to question his elevation to the top job in the country?

This author is a nobody but a young man, some of whose uncles and aunts migrated to the United States in the Seventies and the Eighties to escape the tragedy that was India. That tragedy has ended but could very well begin again with the wrong man on that all powerful Prime Minster’s chair.

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